Couple on a Walk

Are you looking for a deeper, more fulfilling connection?

Couples Therapy

The common myth behind “falling in love” is that our partner will become the answer to all of our pain and loneliness. Yet, the place where many of us experience the greatest disconnection and discomfort is in intimate relationships. While you may think this is a sign that your relationship is falling apart, or worse, at its end, we believe that this is where the relationship has the most potential to move to a deeper level of intimacy and connection.

Here is where you have the opportunity to have the hard conversations that provide space for awareness and understanding — and you don’t have to do it alone. We offer counselling for couples facing communication issues, struggles with emotional or physical intimacy, betrayals, parenting issues, relationship crossroads, finding ways to support your partner through a difficult time, impacts of trauma, and more. We also offer couples counselling for those who are wanting to get ahead of any concerns. For example, couples who want to explore their relationship more deeply, develop effective and supportive communication skills, or simply find ways to enhance what is already there.