Counselling Services

Counselling is a process. It begins with acknowledging that something is not feeling right. You want to feel better, and you want to find out if and how that is possible. You then take the courageous step to reach out and get professional counselling support.  

There are many reasons that bring people to counselling and no reason is too big or too small. Each of our counsellors takes the time to understand you, your desires, and the current barriers that are impacting your wellness. Our counsellors are trained professionals that provide a safe space for exploration and growth, while also holding space for uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, and experiences. This is a collaborative effort working from a space of support, safety, and acceptance.  We offer in-person, phone and virtual counselling sessions. Please note that all virtual counselling appointments are available through a safe and confidential platform that you can access from your home computer.

Counselling Services:
Individual Counselling
Couples/Marriage Counselling
Family Counselling
Children/Youth Counselling
Corporate Wellness Workshops

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