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Family Counselling

When we are in relation with another person, especially family members, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy dynamics. Any relationship requires work and nurturing. It requires each member to be curious about understanding the experience of the other members. However, pain, trauma, and dysfunctional communication styles can impact our curiosity and instead make us defensive and protective. Family counselling provides a space for a reset and a restart.  In family counselling, the family is given an opportunity to explore challenges in a safe and controlled environment. The aim is to support the development and maintenance of healthy and functional family relationships by deepening the understanding of the family dynamics, and discovering the needs and boundaries of each member.  

There are many benefits to family counselling. These benefits can vary from family to family, but they can include:

❏ Developing healthy boundaries
❏ Improving communication
❏ Understanding roles
❏ Improving family relationships
❏ Understanding and improving family dynamics
❏ Uncovering what is working well
❏ Providing coping tools for family members
❏ Providing knowledge and understanding about mental health, the nervous system (or fight/flight response of each      member)
❏ Improving the family’s conflict resolution skills
❏ Addressing dysfunctional interactions
❏ Developing understanding for generational differences
❏ Learning ways to cope as a parent

Relationships take work and sometimes require a neutral space and an unbiased professional to help. This is normal and this is okay. Find out how we can support your family today.

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