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Just Breathe: Yoga for Kiddos. This program is aimed for children K-7. It is a specialized program that focuses on knowledge of the mind/body connection, the nervous system and its’ connection with the brain.

We provide a safe space for conversations and learning. In this space, children learn about different mental health/emotional topics as well as learning social and emotional regulation. Our young participants will learn how to manage big emotions and will learn about how the brain responds to stress.

We teach basic grounding and yoga techniques designed to support kiddos in developing a loving and supportive relationship with themselves and their bodies.

What we offer kiddos:

Just Breathe: Yoga for Youth. Adolescence can truly be a trying time. The changes brought upon by puberty pose physical, social, and mental/emotional challenges. Life is transitioning from childhood to adulthood. There is a greater pull towards individualization. Greater social and emotional challenges. There are new awarenesses and realizations about life and self. As a result our youth are dealing with a lot of noise in the mind and body.

Through knowledge and the practice of yoga, this program offers youth ways in which to self-regulate. It supports youth in developing awareness of their own internal experiences and how these impact decision making, learning, and connecting with others. We believe that with knowledge and connection to the body, youth can begin to quiet the noise and cope with life's challenges with greater ease.

What we offer youth:
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