People During Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Who and What do you work with? 

We work with people from all walks of life who may be experiencing a variety of concerns and desires, including the following:

  • ​Youth and adults ​

  • addiction

  • anger

  • ​anxiety 

  • ​bullying

  • chronic pain/illness (motor vehicle related or other)

  • criminal behaviour or involvement with the law

  • depression

  • life changes/transitions

  • grief/loss

  • mediation

  • trauma

  • self-esteem

  • spirituality

  • developing a deeper connection with a sense of self

    • connecting with inner wisdom and confidence

What happens when you contact Simply Counselling?

​Our counsellors are in appointments throughout the day. Therefore, when you initially call Simply Counselling, you will most likely receive our voicemail.  To assure you get a hold of us, you can leave a voice message or email us at We will always try our best to get in contact with you within 2 working days. ​

​Once we return your call or email, there will be a small intake process (takes about 2 minutes), after which your counsellor will contact you to schedule an appointment. 

​If at anytime you have any questions or concerns you can always email or call us at 604-603-3013

What is Counselling?

​Counselling is a process. It is a service put in place to support you in reaching your desired goal/life. Each of our counsellors take time to get to know you and understand the problem that is affecting your life. There are many reasons that bring people to counselling. You may want to attend to a specific problem/concern, gain a deeper understanding of your self or life, or deal with an incident that has affected your life negatively. 

​During the counselling process, the counsellor will work with you to gain an understanding of your lived experience in order to support movement in your desired direction. A counsellor is a trained professional who works to create a safe space for exploration and growth, but also be able to hold a space for uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, or experiences. Along the way a counsellor can help you unravel and tap into already existing resources/strengths. This is a collaborative effort working from a space of support, safety, and acceptance. 

How does therapy help?

Therapy can help by:

  • Increasing your awareness of how the problem operates and its influence in your life

  • Developing a clear understanding of your desired/preferred way of living/being

  • Highlighting and rediscovering your strengths, knowledge, and aspirations

  • Moving you away from the influence of the problem towards your preferred goals

  • Linking you to other resources that may support your preferred goals

Is everything we discuss in counselling confidential?

We have a high regard for confidentiality. We understand that you are the author of your story and have ownership over the information you choose to share with us. Therefore, we take all precautions to assure that this information is kept confidential. We do not share information with any third party without authorization from you in the form of a written consent outlining specific information to be shared.

There are three circumstances in which I have a legal obligation to disclose your shared information:

  1. If a child, youth (under the age of 19), or elderly is being abused or neglected;

  2. If there is a report of imminent self-harm or danger to others;

  3. If there is a subpoena or court order.