Bani Sadeghi


I bring more than 25 years of experience in counselling students, individuals, couples, and families. My approach is tuned to the unique needs and personality styles of clients. Being bilingual and bi-cultural, my life experiences have enabled me to work with individual and social complexities that come with today's modern life.

My approach to counselling is relationship focused, holistic, spiritual, and intimately connected to humanistic and spiritual philosophy of living. I believe that life is a celebration of experiences that aims at making us better people. I use my skill and expertise to help people overcome their perceived limitations in facing life demands and use their life challenges in the direction of self-actualization and completion.  

I provide counselling and consultation to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. I have worked with hundreds of students and parents to support improvements in learning, resolving and managing learning difficulties, managing parent-student behavioral complexities, improving educational performance and providing advice on career selection.

My clients describe my technique to be eye-opening, friendly, curious, compassionate, practical, and efficient.

My hidden talent/something unique about me:

I value self empowerment and having a positive self image. To help assist others in obtaining these qualities, I got my fashion design diploma and makeup artist diploma from John Casablanca's institute of art. I have had my sewing and pattern drawing diploma from a very young age to assist women in understanding their shape and to value and express it through the clothes that will highlight their beauty. Through my makeup artistry skills, I have been able to empower others, in particular women in their journey of self confidence. I would like to consider these skills as two of my talents and my hobbies. These skills are unique because they serve me with the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped others improve their self worth and self confidence. I also enjoy dabbling into various DIY projects.

If I could be anywhere in the world right now:

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would’ve really liked to be in Istanbul, Turkey. I think Istanbul is a city of love enriched with tradition, culture, cuisine and monuments that I really would enjoy visiting and learning about.

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