Carlee Costello

Counsellor/Yoga Instructor

I have 20 years of experience in the mental health field. I have provided counselling and support to women, children, youth, and families.


Through my work and personal experience, I have learned that life impacts the relationship between our mind and body. Trauma and stress can cause a disconnect in the relationship between the two. Working through some of my own life’s challenges, I found yoga. Yoga is a form of mind-body practice proven to reduce stress and anxiety while improving our awareness, understanding and compassion for all that happens within.


I am committed to sharing the gift of Yoga with you through a safe and supportive, trauma-informed approach. I believe in the importance of healing through safely connecting to the body, mind, and soul. With presence and compassion, I use knowledge, breath work and specific yoga poses to match the challenges of your nervous system and slowly shift the relationship towards greater regulation.


As a Yoga instructor and counsellor, I focus on the neurobiology of the nervous system through body and breath awareness. It is my honor to share the wisdom and power of yoga, awareness, and knowledge of the mind and body to do my part in supporting the healing of the collective. I'm hopeful to work with you to offer healing, a deeper connection with self, and greater alignment with the world around you.

My Hidden Talent/Something Unique About Me:

I love to sing and play my drum and have written two songs.

If I could be anywhere in the world right now:

I would be on a sandy, sunny beach.

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