Mandeep Virk

Hello!  I am Mandeep, a dedicated therapist whose personal journey as a woman of color born into an immigrant family has deeply influenced my therapeutic approach. 

My approach is holistic and flexible, centered around meeting the unique needs of each client. Life's struggles can manifest in various ways, such as a dysregulated nervous system, depression, addictions and more. I specialize in navigating these complexities through somatic, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive lenses.

Together, we'll explore the roots of your challenges and embark on a journey toward healing and transformation. Using evidence-based modalities like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT),motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and Gottman couples therapy, I aim to support in untangling the intricacies that may be hindering your well-being.

Passionate about inclusivity, I welcome individuals, couples, and families from all backgrounds. Your journey is met with the utmost respect, safety, and genuine curiosity. Our therapeutic relationship isa collaborative space where your unique experiences are not only acknowledged but honored. 

Above all, I hold a strong belief in the resilience, strength, and inherent capability of every individual to heal. Regardless of the depth of the challenges you face, together we can navigate towards a place of healing, growth, and renewed well-being.

Fluent Languages
Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu 

My Hidden Talent/Something Unique about me: 
I love reading and writing. I can read an average length book in one day. 

If I could be anywhere in the world right now: 

I’d be in India, having tea in the garden surrounded by jasmine flowers planted by my grandmother reminiscent of my childhood at my ancestral home.

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