Tayyab Javed


Born in Pakistan and raised in Canada; my early childhood was spent in a tiny village and on my family's working farm, in Pakistan. I spent my pre-teen years playing in the woods of Clearwater, a small eastern B.C town before my family moved to the beautiful Okanagan in my early teens. From there, I call greater Vancouver home.  


Like everyone else, my personal experiences have had profound impacts on me, but with support and education, I learned that any challenge can be met with optimism and hope. I want to help others learn, manage, and grow into their best selves. 


I am a clinical therapist for all ages, specializing in supporting individuals and groups dealing with many forms of challenges such as, but not limited to, trauma, anger, self-esteem, at-risk youth, drug addiction, parent/child conflict, domestic violence, and sexuality. I am also specialized in supporting Indigenous individuals.  


I practice holistically, am strength-based, and person-centered. I am practiced in trauma-informed, attachment theory, narrative therapy, and CBT techniques. I am a strong believer in harm reduction, psycho education, and situation-focused rather than person-blaming/shaming.  


Fluent Languages  

English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.  


My Hidden Talent/Something Unique About Me:

I enjoy writing science fiction and know a lot about fresh water aquariums​


If I could be anywhere in the world right now:

On a fully working farm, I love animals and plants.

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